Writing Prompts – They’re Back!!

Hi guys! I am SO excited to bring back WPF!! Fridays used to be such a joy for me because I got to share these writing prompts with you and help all my writer friends out! And let’s be honest…we all need that little boost of inspiration every once in a whil, right?

So here we go, here are 5 to get us back in the groove!


1.) Imagine a world where all of our technology just suddenly stopped working. All of our cell phones, laptops, and televisions. Except for you. Everything you touch still works, but its only for you. Write about your life.


2.) Entzia ICreative Commons License sergio nevado via Compfight

Write a scene involving this setting.


3.) Write down all the things you are afraid of. Now pick the three most bizarre ones (irrational fears are the best – one of mine would be that I hate ladders!). Now give a character all of them and put them in a situation where they have to deal with them all at the same time (or in a short span of each other).

4.) 4a809ece1acbbc82f49afc518789d3cc

I found this great prompt on Pinterest, and I am just dying to use it. I do’nt normally write comedy, but oh man, this would be great.


5.) Write the same scene from several different people’s perspectives. Onlookers, secondary characters, or the victim depending on the scene, but not the protagonist. See how it changes the feel or the way you see it.


Well I hope these are useful, guys! I’m so excited to get back to sharing these with you. And I hope that are helpful! Now get writing! :)

All my best,


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