Writing Prompt Challenge – Day 17 & 18

Just like I said, I’m doubling posts this week! VBS has been so much fun, but I am super exhausted too haha! I’ve only been home to sleep and shower, pretty much! Looking forward to Saturday!

So here we go, I’m gonna post both from yesterday and today! :)

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Okay here we go!


“Now just lie back and relax,” he said, gently pressing into her tiny shoulder. Her big brown eyes stared up at him, the scar across her cheek vivid and shining in the light of the OR.

He swallowed hard, and tried to smile. “I promise, everything is going to be alright.”

For now. This was the easy part.

The little girl’s lips pursed, but she nodded her head, her grimy hair moving as one whole entity. She leaned back against the table. She grasped the sides of her hospital gown, her tiny fingers like sticks in the snow.

He caught the eye of her mother who watched from the window, the room where many students had come to watch this advanced surgery take place. The little girl, imperfect in her features, had been volunteered for the digital reconstruction surgery, where some of her skeletal structure would be rewritten with code. The animals that this had been tested on prior didn’t survive well.

But the scientist in charge of the whole operation had insisted we show it to the public.

“Humans are different,” he had said. “More hearty. They’ll be able to withstand the changes.”

What we hadn’t told the mother would be the pain she would experience from the coding. The new parts of her would be holographic, and the old removed. Her skin probably wouldn’t adapt well.

I wasn’t sure if the mother loved her child or not. Perfection was what she sought, and it sickened him. She had been the victim of some cruel attack, and this was how her mother repaid her?

I sighed, and looked at the other nurse.

“Let’s begin.”


Gotta admit. Not crazy about that one. Let’s try this one next!


 “Sharon!” I cried. “For Pete’s sake,” I whispered through gritted teeth, my hands clasped to the Weather Emitter, water spraying out from the dozen or so holes in the rubber tube. We just had to have those Biting Beavers, didn’t we?

“Didn’t we?” I added, out loud, to myself. I grunted. “Sharon!”

“What is it?” A tall woman with wide hips appeared at the doorway, her white hair thin like cotton candy, and poking out from under her straw hat. Her eyes grew wide as she witnessed the scene. “Oh my heavens, it was due to stop raining at four this afternoon!” She waded her way through the muddy crop field, hiking up her khakis as she crossed the room to me.

“Key words; supposed to!”

“Here let me shut off the water,” and she made her way to the fuse box. “Make sure to activate your gravity boots.

I bent down and switched the small, purple switch beside my heels. I suddenly felt a crushing pull on my legs, and just as soon as it had come, it disappeared. With it, the water that had just been falling down on top of me became suspended in the air, I poked at one of the floating blobs, and it split in two. “Thank you,” I replied, wiping some of the water off of my forehead. I didn’t have much hair left for it to wet, after all.

“What caused it?”

“The Beavers got to the Emitter again.”

She sighed. “Oh, those beavers. Do you think that we will need to contact ground control?”

I shook my head. “No, we’ve got some extra hardware in the storage unit. I’ll just have to fire up the main power in the bay and go hunt for it.”

“That’s the third one we’ve had to replace inside of six months!”

“That’s what happens when you rush a space station construction, honey. You get unreliable parts.”


Gotta admit guys, my heart wasn’t really in this today. There’s been so much stuff going on in my personal life right now that writing has not come as easily! But I keep doing it, because even though things are tough, writing definitely is a way for me to relieve some stress!

Alright guys! Have a great day! I’ll try and update tomorrow!!

All my best,


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