Writing Prompt Challenge – Day 15 & 16

So our church’s vacation bible school is this week, and I am the craft station leader! That means work all day and then right to the church for VBS for the rest of the night! Needless to say, I am going to be busy busy busy. So I might be doubling posts this week, just a forewarning!

Alright so this is yesterdays and todays! Enjoy guys!


The cave was rather unimpressive. I sighed heavily as I came to the wooden door that looked like it could break off of the stone it was drilled into. The parchment that was folded hastily in my pocket had been given to me by the dreary wizard that lived in the tower on the cliff. Talk about stereotypes. He also was blind in one eye. And owned a bearded dragon. Points for trying.

The thunder from outside the cave bounced all the way down to where I stood, scrounging through my pockets for the iron key he had given me also.

“Do you truly wish to find this blade, young master Gidian?”

Yes, I do. For the hundredth time.”

He frowned and turned to face the window that looked out to the sea. I rolled my eyes to the back of his head. He was laying this on thick wasn’t he?

You know that this blade has never let it’s owner live more than one year, correct?”


And you know that this blade’s evil does this in order to get closer to it’s master, correct?”

I was having a very hard time remaining civil with this guy.

Yes, yes, for the last time, I know all of this. Just give me the stupid map and let me be on my way!”

Silence allowed the sound of the waves below the cliff to be heard inside the tower. 

He reached inside the desk beside him and retrieved a darkened piece of parchment. He passed it across the surface to me, as if he couldn’t bear actually handing it to me. I snatched it up and opened it. The path showed it would take me east passed the mines and nearly to the next kingdom. Good. The farther I was away when I found it, the better off they all would be.

I had such high hopes for you,” he had murmured as I retreated to the door. I hesitated for a moment before I closed the door behind me, and swallowed my heart that had crept up into my throat.

The thunder sounded again, and I realized that the Scale King knew I nearly had it in my hands.

And I would be the first to destroy it before it had a chance to destroy me.


I think that story has potential too! Yay!

Okay next one to post!


The dance floor was almost dark, the chandeliers overhead only donning half a dozen or so candles that were actually lit. Many had burned out many hours ago. Only those who hadn’t consumed so much wine still danced.

And it was good that I did, because I had to keep my eye on him. I had to allow him to think that he had won us over. Won me over.

“Your majesty,” I heard. A young man who wore fine silk and buttons made of gold approached my chair. He bowed to my mother and father, and then at the last, to me. He smiled.

“May I have this dance?”

His eyes seemed glassy, and there was something about the way that his hand twitched that made me uncomfortable. Real or undead.

I couldn’t be sure.

My mother’s eyes drifted over to him, and then to me. I shook my head. “I’m sorry, good sir. I must rest for some time. I have been dancing all night, after all.” I laughed the laugh that my governess had told me to use when I wanted to be enchanting and polite, yet firm. The corner of the young man’s mouth twitched, but he stood to his feet, and smiled, straightening his jacket. “Yes, my lady.” He bowed, and departed.

I relaxed in my chair.

“Elizabeth,” my mother said from beside me, quiet enough as to not draw attention to herself. No one wants to see the queen disciplining her daughter.

“I’m sorry, mother, I wasn’t sure.”

“But the uncertainty would prove more unconvincing,” she replied. She smiled widely at a couple that walked by, bowing as they passed. “You should have just accepted them all, and gleaned information from them.”

“It is not you who must dance with a corpse,” I replied.

Then another man stood in front of me, yet I had not seen him approach. He wore a wool jacket that was the color of coal, and his dark hair was cut very close to his head. His skin was pale, as if he never needed to work a day in his life, and his eyes were a pale blue, the color of ice.

“My courtier has informed me that you have refused to dance with him. That is the third one this evening,” he said.

I smiled very, very gently. My mother and father’s attention were on us as well.

This was the one that we had feared most.

He smiled at me. He believed that I didn’t know what he was, that we all thought he was just one of us, as well as all of the others he had brought with him.

He bowed deeply. “I believe that I know the reason for your denial,” he continued, looking up at me, his body still bent in a bow. His smile was enchanting, and his face was very handsome. “I have seen you watching me this evening, and I believe that I have understood your signals. You wished for me to come and ask you to dance.”

My mother smiled. “My daughter would be most enraptured to dance with a gentleman such as yourself.”

I nodded. “Indeed, good sir. I have wished to share a dance.”

This man was the only man who believed he was powerful enough to talk to royalty in this manner. But we let him believe it.

He held his hand out to me. “May I have this dance then, my lady Elizabeth?”

I felt an anger bubble up in me. He used my first name. He had no right to use my first name. But I smiled at him. Let my anger fuel my smile, a brilliant thing that had led many men to experience the pain of unrequited love.

“It would be an honor, my Lord,” I replied. He smiled a wide smile as well, and to an onlooker, one might truly believe we were enchanted with one another, as two young people at a ball should be.

But this was a game. A game that he believes he won.

As he guided me to the dance floor, I laughed nervously, and he smiled once more. But he hadn’t won.

I had.


I’m not sure if he was a vampire or an evil wizard. Both would probably have worked there haha!

Alright guys, off to get some work done for VBS! If I don’t post tomorrow, I will Thursday! Thanks for sticking with me guys!! :)

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