Writing Prompt Challenge – Day 13 & 14

Bringing in the weekend challenge!!

I decided to make things a little harder for me, and decided to cut down the time I can write!

I gave myself 5 minutes to complete these next two! (I combined Saturday’s and Sunday’s this week!) I had to try and make an enticing and engaging story in just five minutes. Oh man.

Okay, here we go!

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“Chanting? Really?” I cried, the path becoming more and more narrow as we ran. He nodded in reply, his hat bobbing on his head.

“They sort of like to scare people off, or at least that’s what I was always told. But the last time that I ran into a tribe of them and was observing them for more than a few days, I saw the chanting. And let me tell you. Didn’t end well.”

“It’s not like they have as many advanced weapons as we do,” I retorted. My shoulder scraped a tree, and I winced, but there was no time to stop.

“But their throwing skills with their flint-tipped spears far exceed even that of me,” he replied. He came to a stop outside of a brush of ferns, a light from a fire in the distant trees.

“Now all we have to do is just sneak into the chief’s tent, grab Tom, and then get out of there.”

Rolling my eyes, I smacked his arm. “That’s it?!”

“And run if you hear chanting,” he added. “Come on. We’ve been training for three whole days for this!”

“Your brimming confidence sickens me,” I said, pulling my hat down over my ears.



I eyed the room, all of the bodies sprawled sickeningly on the cobblestone floor. I but my tongue to prevent the bile from coming up.

“What do you mean? It’s pretty obvious,” she whispered in return. His brow furrowed.

“That spell that they executed,” he sighed. “It meant to kill them all. But that’s not it.”

Audrey felt the stone around her neck pulse. She pulled it out from underneath her jacket, and the blue stone at the end of the chain was growing bright and then dim at the rhythm of a heartbeat. She swallowed.

“There’s definitely life in there.” She refocused her attention on the portcullis in the middle of the room. It was four sided, and protected some sort of chalice on a marble table in the middle. It was the only light in the room.  “What did the spell do?”

He bent to the ground, and ran his finger along a groutline. He brought it to his nose and sniffed it, his nose wrinkling. “Just as I thought. Moonstone dust.”

“No,” she replied. “That means…”

“These will very soon be Moonwalkers. We should make our way out of here. Because though they lie dead now, they very soon will be very much alive, and very much unkillable.”


You know what? This challenge is SO fun. I really liked having a shorter snippet of time. It was a lot harder. But it is fun to stretch my limits a bit!

Let me know what you guys thought!

Going back to the 20 minute one tomorrow! :)

All my best,


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