Writing Prompt Challenge – Day 11 & 12

So I guess I was mistaken yesterday. I had planned to do two days worth of prompts (as I had missed Thursday), but my computer…oh my computer.

Quick story. I was working on my laptop yesterday when all of the sudden a tiny little bug landed on the edge of my keyboard. What did I do? Squished him. But I live in Florida; the bugs that live down here are like genetically modified monsters who must all be related to the immortal cockroaches. So instead of letting my swipe him up with a tissue and moving on with my day, he decided to keep crawling. And into my keyboard.

I pulled the keys off I saw him crawl between when he never came out. I’ve pulled the keys off before and been able to snap them back on no problem. Well, not yesterday. Let’s just say that some of my keys will never really be functional again. Thankfully, the keys I need are snapped on enough to function. It is a temporary fix.

Time to look into a new computer! And that’s exciting, because that means I can finally, finally get stsrted on that project I mentioned at the beginning of the year…do you remember?

For the love of stories.

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So I am going to skip Thursdays post for now, until I can find the chance to double up on a post! So I apologize! Here we go with today’s entry then!


And that was a problem, because mine had decided it was a good night to take a nap during his watch. And had gotten himself captured.

“You can’t buy another dragon,” Aeris hissed over my shoulder. She apologized to a tall man who she had collided shoulders with.

The market was busy this morning, as the stalls that lined the alley were so busy that many lines had people back to back, completely blocking the path at certain places, especially the cloak seller and the alchemist.

I sighed, shaking my head, and scanned the crowd for the little iron cages where I might find infant dragons. Now, I didn’t really want to replace Orion. I just wanted him to know how serious I was that I was upset.

Aeris grabbed my shoulder and turned me around, knocking over a hat stand in the process. “You are wasting time having a tantrum here and you know it.” There was that tone, I thought. There was the Speaker in her coming to the surface. I sighed. Again. I looked at the dent in my boot. I had gotten to know that dent well.

“You’re right,” I said, holding my hands up to her, partially for peace, partially for protection. “You really think I would drag you all the way out here to whine? Please.” I waved for her to follow me. I finally saw the dragon stall. I saw the dragons in the cages. There were many that were various shades of brown. I felt my lips twitch involuntarily. Orion’s hide was almost the color of dew on grass in the morning.

“We are going to need ropes, a new hatchet, and,” I looked over my shoulder at Aeris, “unfortunately, smoke bombs.”

“No-” she started.

I held up my hand. “This is for Orion. I will spare no possible dangers.”

“That doesn’t mean you need to drag me into what is very quickly becoming a suicide mission,” she retorted, and backhanded me on the arm.

I turned back around and started walking away. The anger that had flared up at her words surprised me. But she didn’t have a dragon. She wouldn’t, couldn’t understand.

“You don’t even know where he is-” she said from behind me. “Do you?”

The end of the market came into sight. The last booth on the left, just before the market let out into the rest of the city. Three men stood in a tight circle, cloaks the color of the sand beneath my boots. The man with his back to me held a long, black rod. A necromancer’s staff.

There had been a black, burned circle beside Orion’s claw marks that had been dragged across the ground outside our outpost. A necromancer’s power was the only one strong enough to capture a dragon. Only the power of a spirit from beyond the Border could do that.

“Aeris, how many necromancers do you think reside in this city?” I asked, coming to a stop beside a jewelry stand, inspecting a silver medallion on a chain that was so shiny I could easily see the men in the cloaks in its reflection.

She squinted, her thin eyebrows becoming one on her forehead. “None? I mean, I haven’t seen or heard of one in at least three years.”

“Hmm,” I replied. The cloaked men surveyed the crowd around them for the fifth time since I noticed them. “That’s what I thought.”


Phew! Did this all on my tablet!!

Alright guys! Til tomorrow!!

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