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It is really lousy being sick. My husband and I have been passing it back and forth between us for the last few weeks. Not to mention we have been away on a missions trip with our church as well as doing our vacation bible school. It’s been super busy, and now that we are home and things are starting to settle back into a normal routine. we both find ourselves coughing our brains out and dealing with sore throats and high fevers.

But, a perk of being stuck indoors at home is that its given me a whole lot of time to think, and to write! That’s good, right?

I’ve been putting my own stories on the back burner for the last few months as I have been trying my hand at freelancing! It’s been really awesome, and I love the freedom that it gives me to write in the way that I want to, and yet still able to challenge me by giving me confines of genre and length.

So far I’ve been working on some romance stories (all clean, in the regency era and the Amish genre), as well as some children’s literature. It’s been very rewarding, and it has given my husband and I some breathing room financially, which has been a huge blessing!

Any of you who are interested, I’ve been working with Upwork, a fantastic site that allows writers to work with qualified companies that not only protects you as the client, but also allows you to really pick and choose what you wish to work on. It’s great experience, and the companies I’ve worked with have all been very flexible and really nice. I guess they might not all be, but I’ve actually developed relationships with these people I work with, and that is really cool to me!

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The other thing that the last few months have allowed me to do is to sort of get my mind reoriented towards my own works. I have been asked a lot lately about the second book in the Homecoming series, about when it is going to be published. What used to cause me great anxiety has begun to bring me joy once again. I’m very seriously considering self-publishing the second story, but I am going to do a little digging first and see if I can find a suitable agent who might believe in the stories as much as my previous agent. (For those of you who don’t know, my agent didn’t leave me or I leave her, she just took a great job as an editor, which she is super amazing at, and was no longer able to juggle the responsibilities of both jobs. We parted on good terms, and she is usually the one I go to first with writing questions!)

I am also super excited to say that finally, finally, the plot of the third book in the series, tentatively titled Forthcoming, has begun to take shape in my mind. If you are a writer, I am sure you can understand. When ideas form in your head about a main plot, there are still the questions of how you get from point A to point F to point Q. And then how do all of those point to point Z? Well, I’ve know point A and point Z, but everything else in between has been lost on me. I’ve fought myself about crucial plot points and have never been satisfied. And then, the other day on my way to work, I heard a song and listened to it for the first time from Eli and Kerana’s perspective.

Suddenly, things started to fall into place in my head, and it really excited me.

I will most likely be starting work on that slowly in and around my freelancing contracts, but I would be so excited to get all three books in the trilogy done! It’s been my dream to have all three of these books out in the world, as I really believe that they have a worthwhile story to tell. I love Homecoming, but I love how it leads into Becoming, and what that will mean for Forthcoming.

And the other thing I have really been toying with is publishing another set of series also set in the same universe, but about one of my favorite characters to write about in Becoming, another Eldurian. He doesn’t get too much screen time, but I know who he is in my mind, and I really like him. He has lots of amazing potential.

I always love when authors return to the same universes they wrote in, because I want to know as much as I can, I always want a limitless supply of information, so as an author, I hope to give that to my readers as well!

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Alright, well I’m starting to feel the fatigue coming back on – I don’t want to push myself too much, otherwise I won’t heal! Just wanted to check in with you guys, let you know how I was! I hadn’t forgotten about you :)

Talk to you guys again soon!

All my best,


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