How To Begin Again

I have a confession to make.

Since I have been gone from my blog and from the writing world in general, I have stopped writing as much. Almost all together.

And that is a big no-no as a writer. In order to improve your craft, you must always be practicing. You must write every day. You must always have a notebook in reach and a pen full of ink. I’ve heard, and done, them all!

So what happens if, like me, you’ve had to…stop? Life happens. All the time. We can’t stop it. And just like every other habit, we can fall out of doing it. It’s sort of like going to the gym: you can go everyday for months, but as soon as something disrupts your schedule, it becomes easier to find reasons and excuses not to go.


I’ve developed a strategy to help you get back to writing! This is a tried and true way, a way that can never fail you. It will always, guaranteed, 100% of the time help you start to write again. And it is only three steps! How great is that!

Are you ready?

Step 1

Find a notebook


Step 2

Grab a pen


Step 3



You’re well on your way! Great job!


See? Will never fail you!

But in all seriousness, this really is the only way to start again. You just have to do it!

You can be like me and say, “Well, I need to make an outline,” or “I need to do some character backstories first,” or “I really have no idea what direction this story is going to take.”

In other words, I don’t feel prepared.

Well, then how in the world did I finish my first book, Homecoming? Did I stress over it and wonder how in the world it was going to come together?


I sat down and I wrote! Because I love to! Because I find joy and accomplishment in it! Because it is a stress reliever! Because it is my passion!

So maybe you are, again, like me, and have lost that passion. Or it is just buried deep down beneath fear of rejection and lack of motivation. Maybe you feel like you are “too busy” to write (a silly excuse I have made for myself). These are all excuses. I have some great writer friends who their entire motto is to not fear your writing! Fear is one of the most crippling things that we as humans face. We can be afraid of so many things. But writing should not be one of them!

If you need help with your writing and overcoming your fear, check out my friend Kevin T. Johns book called  It is a fantastic tool that has helped many, many writers, including myself, out of ruts! I think I need to take a look at it again :)

And if you have lost your passion, but long to get back into writing, maybe leave the project you are working on in light of a new one! Try writing a whole new story. Grab some writing prompts (many are available to you on my blog!!) and get those gears moving! Writing prompts have helped me to get past tough scenes in my own work as well as create ideas for what could be really cool books later on down the road!

So get back to it! Go take yourself to the store, purchase a notebook that you would love to look at everyday, one that is a good size and can rest well on a desk or a table. Buy yourself a pen that writes smoothly and easily (I LOVE calligraphy pens), one that you actually enjoy writing with. Find a comfortable, well-lit space to write, and maybe listen to some great music! I’ve got some recommendations, if you want some!

And if you ever just need encouragement, I am always cheering for you! It is a hard, long journey to be a writer. But it is so fulfilling and rewarding, a great opportunity to make a difference in the world. People love stories, and stories are some of the best ways of reaching people. A great way to help soften hearts, rally troops, and make people fall in love.

I hope this post has given you some hope and some encouragement to be able to pick back up your pen and get back to it! I know that just writing it has helped me out, knowing it might be able to help you! :)

Have a great day!

All my best,


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