Have To Wrap Things Up

Hey guys!

I’m sorry to say this isn’t a writing prompts challenge post. I’m also sorry to say that I unfortunately am going to have to call the 30 day writing prompt challenge only a partial success.

Life has been really crazy this month where I had hoped it would be an easier way for me to get a lot of writing in. It hasn’t been the case.

Between a lot of family in the hospital (not even joking), working more hours, vacation bible school, and now preparing for our missions trip to Costa Rica next week, its been overwhelming. I was only home long enough to sleep last week!

So I am going to have to wrap up the challenge here, at just under 20 entries. That’s still a pretty good accomplishment! Its not the full 30 like I had hoped, but its pretty good!

I must go prepare for our meeting for the trip in an hour, so I just wanted to leave this post.

Let me know your favorite entry! What did you like? Let me know in the comments below!!

Thanks for your understanding guys, I really appreciate it! I’ll check in again after Costa Rica!! :)

Pray for me and for our group!

All my best,


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